17 Bad & Cringeworthy Medical Takes

Traveling medicine shows and mountebanks shilling dubious to harmful «medical remedies» may seem like a thing of the past, we’re sorry to say we’ve got plenty of 21st century iterations doing their thing on the internet. While MLM marketersmay not be promoting tonics of cocaine or opium, they are trying to convince them that essential oils will cure stuff like cancer. Which is probably more dangerous than any mountebank’s claims. Beyond the obvious hokey pyramid scheme BS, there are plenty of people on Twitter and Facebook who for some reason fancy themselves doctors and spew ignorance to whoever will listen. Once you get over their absolute stupidity and the abysmal state of education, it’s actually quite fun to laugh at this nonsense. Just don’t let the idiocy seep into your brain. We need all the smart people this world has to offer. 

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