17 Entertaining ‘Sex and the City’ Memes For Fans Eagerly Awaiting Samantha’s Cameo in the Reboot

It’s hard to believe with the way that its rewatches get discussed on social media, but Sex and the City debuted 25 years ago in June. If we’re being honest, the hate watching of spinoff And Just Like That probably contributes to its ongoing popularity as well. 

To the uninitiated, the show comes across as a blur of cocktails, expensive shoes, and kind of ugly men. It’s easy to bypass the fact that when this HBO series first aired, the way that the main characters approached their lives and loves was nothing short of revolutionary. 

Despite tackling some vital topics, it has never been a show prized for its realism. Most of us will never devote all our time to flouncing around Manhattan in designer labels, forever available to debrief NSFW escapades at brunch. Also, hindsight shows that some of the dudes that the leading ladies ended up with were huge douchebags (the Mr. Big backlash is real). 

Nevertheless, viewers agonize to this day over whether they’re more of a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, or Charlotte. It’s no surprise that they can’t help but make memes about them.

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