20 Deleted Tweets That Will Live On Forever

«When you post something online, it lasts forever.» We were taught this maxim during our middle school computer classes and have seemed to forget it as time passed! These courses also taught kids never to give out their name, school, or identifying details online. For most of us, both ships have sailed, and our digital footprints are the size of Godzilla. 

Even though it’s common to put too much of your life online, a deleted social media post rarely comes back to haunt you. Unless you said something unforgivably rotten, the deleted posts of a no-name would be a mere drop in the detritus bucket of the internet. Sometimes somebody will tweet something that is enhanced by deletion. Sometimes, tweets that have been deleted will show up on your Twitter feed anyways, and when you click on it, it reads, «This Tweet has been deleted.» Many iconic tweets are deleted tweets, and we’re glad somebody had the common sense to screenshot them. 

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