20+ Robert Pattinson Memes From ‘Twilight’ to Track Jacket

At this point, the meme world has bestowed its own celebrity status to many actors and public figures. Nic Cage was absolutely everywhere for a while. Keanu has lent his mug to everything from Sad Keanu to Mini Keanu, with a ton of wholesomeness in between. To be a star these days is to submit yourself to the meme makers of the internet. And some media personalities fare better than others. 

One person who’s been both roasted (for his revolting pasta recipe) and revered in meme history is actor Robert Pattinson. Nearly a decade and a half after he graced screens as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, he’s become somewhat of a meme mainstay. His role in the Sadie Brothers’ tense and thrilling Good Time was especially fruitful where formats are concerned. The classic track jacket meme has been everywhere since its inception, and this year we’ve got the ‘You Think You’re Better Than Me’ format trending amongst both Redditors and A24 junkies. As today is Pattinson’s birthday, we thought we’d celebrate with a handpicked selection of memes that feature him as a star. Some of them are dated. Others are extremely stupid in the name of irony. And others have become classics. But we’re happy that they all celebrate our favorite sparkly vampire turned indie darling.

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