20+ Wholesome Memes My Boomer Parents Sent Me This Week That Had Me LOLing for No Good Reason

Yes, I know we talk a lot of crap on boomers, but that’s only because they get mad at us when the Wifi is down like it’s our fault. Or they tell us to fax them and we laugh in their face. The truth is… I LOVE my boomer parents. And I think they’re the friggin’ coolest. Maybe I’m just lucky, that I got parents who aren’t authoritarian and love me for exactly who I am. They don’t put unfair pressure on me and they send me memes! They are still boomers, so most of the memes are either dad jokes or weird boomer humor that usually eludes to domestic abuse as being funny?… BUT, they also send me some actually funny memes that has me genuinely LOLing. Maybe not LMFAO, but a nice little puff of air out of my nostrils and a smile. And isn’t that all parents want when they send you a meme? Just to make you smile. Heck, sometimes my boomer parents send me memes that make me think they’re more self-aware of their boomerism than they lead on. Here are some memes my parents personally sent me this past week that actually had be laughing WITH them and not AT them. 

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