30 Gym Memes for the Exercise Obsesses and Devoted Gym Rats (August 19, 2023)

Welcome back, weekend gym warriors and those devoted to the art of exercise! It’s that time of the week again. No, not leg day. It’s meme day!

After a recent move, it’s no longer convenient or even practical for me to continue attending my old gym. I will always cherish the memory of my old exercise haunt, it’s just time to move on. I have yet to establish a membership, but there’s a gym a few blocks away. And I’ve got my eye on it. While I hope it can fit the standards of my old spot, I can only hope it’s as convenient. I’m not the most patient individual. If there’s a line for a certain machine, you can bet I’m either going to skip the exercise or just give up for the day. That’s not something a true gym devotee would say, but I’m not like most. I’m weak and a victim of my own impulses. Surely, one day I will learn the ways of a true gym rat. As of now, I haven’t reached that progress point in my fitness journey.

Although I’m not the perfect example of a gym-going fanatic, I’m still able to indulge in a quality gym meme. Take a break between sets and check out the memes we’ve collected for you below.  

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