30+ Harry Potter Memes For Wizards And Witches Still Waiting On Their Hogwarts Letter (July 18, 2023)

Stephen Fry is an important part of the Harry Potter universe, so many people don’t even know it. The actor, writer, Twitter legend, and genius narrated the English language audiobooks for all seven books. Millions of children have heard his interpretations of the characters that make up the Wizarding World, and even more adults use said audio to help them sleep at night. 

Audiobook narration is an underrated art form. Many people think it might go extinct with the rise of AI, where any voice can read any text without paying a person. That’s a shame because no matter how advanced a bot is, it will never capture the spirit of The Sorting Hat quite like Stephen Fry did. Artificial Intelligence cannot imitate those specific intonations that Dumbledore is known for. If you stan Stephen Fry and the Harry Potter series as a whole, these Harry Potter memes will connect with you greatly. 

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