30+ Satisfying Memes That Provide Existential Dread

Sometimes you just have to get a little dark before you can get light again; enjoy a little dark humor before you can appreciate anything wholesome again. Ya know? It’s called balance and it’s a healthy thing. Being aware of the existential dread that is constantly knocking at your door and letting it in every now and then is way better than trying to hold it back. And what better to deal with dread than to laugh with it? Invite your existential dread in and laugh WITH it not at it! (Or more likely it would be laughing at you while you are crying and spiraling down a dark spiral…) Dark humor is just as important as wholesome light humor and if you don’t like it, you can just not read it. It’s pretty easy… But if you get what we’re saying and you appreciate a little self-deprecation, a little spicy humor, then do we have the memes for you! If not, well, that’s just show biz, baby. 

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