31 Super Rad Dad Memes for Parents Struggling to Stay Hip With Their Kids

As our old meemaws and grandpa’s used to say– the times are a changin’! When we were young, it seemed like our elders were world’s away and barely grappled with reality. We always said that as a joke, but now that we have our own kids, it’s becoming quite obvious that they genuinely, truly, had no flippin’ clue what was going on. The kids these days are making jokes about purple McDonald’s shakes that are haunting, they’re TikToking around, and streaming every Fortnite game that they play in the hopes of becoming the next big gaming influencer. Dad’s these days aren’t sure when, but they definitely missed a beat between the Limp Bizkit days and the days of some Wonka character played by a pretty boy Chalamet. So for fellow parents who are struggling to stay hip, at least we’ll always have dad jokes to lean on. That’s because dad humor is simply timeless. Scroll on for a delightful dose of dadliness with these parenting memes that are dope, phat, fly, and fresh.

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