A Funny Bunch of Random Memes

Have you ever pressed pause to think about the sheer number of memes that are being exchanged in the great expanse of the entire internet? The number of memes must be absolutely staggering. Just think: thousands, if not millions, ofv visual in-jokes are being passed around the internet at any given moment, making their way to the screens of ennui-afflicted web surfers such as yourselves. The variety of memes that are sashaying around the web is just as wide. But relatable memes and little jokes about cute animals seem to be the most popular by far. If you look further into the meme-filled abyss, though, you will surely discover that there are some weirder, more edgyexamples of internet funniness to be scrolled through and enjoyed. This here gallery features all of the above. Funny and self-deprecating tweets. Charming and humorous Tumblr tidbits. And then, of course, there are the incredibly stupid shitposts that we love so much. We just hope you enjoy them, too. 


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