A Treasure Trove of Weird & Wacky Moments From History

Tired of procrastinating by looking at memes or social media? You’re not alone. Sometimes it feels like our brains have reduced in efficiency by up to 00%. We are depending on those last few brain cells, y’all. When you’re feeling dumb, dumb memes will make you feel, well, dumber. So you’ve got to take a stand and start scrolling through some content that is at least a little bit less mindless. This here collection of historical images ranges from mildly interesting to, frankly, completely cursed or terrifying. Which is a lot more than we can say for the lastest memes we’ve seen on Instagram. And hey, what doesn’t horrify you might make you smarter. And hey, these factoids might even help you at pub trivia. Win/win? We think so. 

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