Crazy Crap People Attempted to Buy and Sell Online

Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace aren’t just for getting rid of that cumbersome bed frame no one within a ten-mile radius wants to buy for more than a dollar. Online marketplace rabbit holes like Craigslist can offer a fascinating look into the mad minds of some of its keenest users. Like how did the guy selling homemade 3D-printed hulk arms for hens arrive at this pastime? Forget the hunt for a used stereo receiver, we want to know his story. 

We’ve collected a bunch of our favorite recent posts from r/CrackheadCraigslistfor anyone as curious as us. While some of the crap people tried to buy or sell online is borderline disturbing, we’ve gotta admit—that homemade ‘sexy kermit’ is kind of amazing. As tempting as it sounds, we’re gonna have to pass on those deer leg ‘numb chucks.’

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