Cruel Mother Forces Daughters To Wear Dresses To Appease ‘Traditional’ Grandparents

Part of being a parent is forcing your kids to do things they don’t want to do. Sometimes, they have to eat yucky vegetables and finish the year of playing with their soccer team, even though they wanted to quit halfway through. However, there’s a point where parents need to listen to what their kids are saying and act accordingly. One mother took to Reddit to ask whether she was the villain for forcing her teenage daughter to wear dresses when going over to their grandparent’s house. There is usually an easy solution when you want your tomboy daughter to wear something nice to a formal event; You get her a suit or a pantsuit. Bam, perfect compromise! Unfortunately, these kids aren’t forced to wear dresses because they’re going to the ballet or church. Their grandparents are so «traditional» they get upset when they see girls wearing pants in any context. To make matters worse, these kids see their grandparents several times a week, being forced to wear clothes they hate around people who clearly don’t respect them. What a nightmare!

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