CTRL-ALT-DEL Your Boredom: 31 Tech Memes To Restart Your Humour Drive

Whether you’ve been branded the ‘family tech support’, or are constantly being hailed as the ‘computer whisperer’ amongst your group of friends, you’ll understand the humorously frustrating world of technology. It seems the moment you successfully connect a printer to a wifi network, you’re bestowed with the daunting title of ‘IT Expert’.

We’ve compiled 31 side-splitting memes that perfectly capture these tech troubles, from the existential terror of the spinning wheel of death, to the age-old adage of ‘turn it off and on again’. So sit back, grab a cup of Joe, and enjoy these memes. They’re the perfect cure for those who have ever thought the printer has a personal vendetta against them or have seriously considered a career change after explaining, for the 100th time, that Internet Explorer is not ‘the internet’.

So don’t fret, your troubleshooting days are on hold. Welcome to a world where the only ‘blue screen’ is that of laughter-induced tears in your eyes, and the only ‘error message’ you’ll encounter is the one telling you to slow down between bouts of laughter.

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