Disgruntled Neighbor Starts Debate for Response to Loud Couple Next Door

Neighbor etiquette has never been easy. Just like family, we don’t really have a choice who we live next to, but we usually have none of the intimacy that comes from a family relationship either. It’s pretty easy to be an inconsiderate neighbor if you’re not careful, and the politics of addressing that can be tricky.

No matter how much some might want to, the billions of us out there who live close to other people can’t spend all our time pretending that they don’t exist. Often our neighbors won’t let us, particularly if they’re noisy. This is one dilemma that @dorianvanserra found herself in, because the couple next door were so loud when getting down and dirty that she couldn’t sleep. 

The Twitter user decided to address the problem with a lengthy note, and a pair of beers. Sharing her actions on social media (as well as their very unsuccessful results), she got a mixed response towards how she had tried to deal with the problem. It’s understandable that she was annoyed, but maybe that wasn’t the best way of expressing it. 


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