Football Player/NFT Bro Roasted Over Creepy Mansplaining Tweet

Mansplaining is not a new phenomenon. We’re willing to bet that for as long as women and men could speak, that men were more than happy (or even inclined) to color themselves experts on a subject and trap women into long diatribes about something that they either know about or don’t care to know about. The latest hobby or area of interest for the incellular (we made that word up) ‘nice guys’ of the internet is NFTs. Non-fungible tokens and profile pictures featuring them have taken over Twitter, filling the site with crudely drawn and arguably ugly images of ‘bored apes.’ The folks who are into this world have decided to take their whiny and condescending expertise into the real world, much to the chagrin of pretty much anyone who has to hear about it. 

Twitter user @jenny2x4 put one such NFT bro – American football player Dez Bryant – on blast when they shared a screenshot of a deleted tweet with their followers.

The tweet reads as follows: «I’m educating women right now about NFTs and I’m hearing these women say.. my brain haven’t worked like this in weeks months and years…. A natural genuine smile came across my face…. I’m thankful.» 

This guy managed to come off as a super mansplainer and a huge creep at the same exact time. The text is dripping with creepy bad vibes – and unfortunately for its writer, was screenshotted just before they could delete it. Twitter users obviously had a field day with the cringe-fest, roasting both the mansplaining and the NFT profile pic. Hopefully @DezBryant learned their lesson: people, in general, don’t want to hear a spiel about NFTs, and they definitely don’t want to associate with a person who somehow manages to type in a creepy manner. 

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