Frustrated Candidate Spams Company With Fake Resumes After They Refuse To Interview Him

For most of us, the job application process is an extremely soul-sucking experience. There can come a point when the rejection emails start to get annoying, especially when you know that you’re capable of the job.

It’s understandable that you might want to enact some kind of revenge, just like u/SeanGrande who took a dislike to a would-be employer after they refused to interview him. While he was qualified for the job and the company were struggling to fill the position, none of the hiring managers he contacted would reply — so in response, he began sending across large numbers of ridiculous fake resumes. 

While his retaliation to their behavior may be on the extreme end of the scale, many sympathized with his frustration and had their own hiring horror stories to tell. Unfortunately, no matter how many times you spell check your cover letter, you’re still going to be miles behind the guy with a Fortune 500 CEO for a dad.

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