Funniest Homebody Memes for Introverts Who Love Hanging Out With Themselves

If you’re the kind of person who immediately starts brainstorming excuses to get out of social events, you might be an introvert. It doesn’t mean your antisocial per say, it’s just that you’d really rather hang out with yourself. Your own self is predictable, reliable, funny, and has excellent taste. Why would you ever stray from your #1? Besides, being social is exhausting. As an introvert, you only have a small window of socializing time before your brain starts to numb and your lips melt together. There’s definitely no small talk happening after that. To some people, being called an introvert might be an insult, but to the real ones, this is a complement. Thank you for noticing my independence and self-responsibility. One might use their introversion to learn new skills like baking or knitting. Or they might wield their skills to become one with the Self. Either way, introverts are just trying to go home, get in their PJ’s and hang out with their dog.

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