Gross, Hand Licking Fine Dining Experience Has Twitter Users Up In Arms

Even those of us too lowly to visit your average prestigious dining establishment know that the experience should be a cut above your average McDonald’s. Many fancy restaurants pride themselves on giving their diners an experience they never forget, but it’s fair to say some of them can take this a little too far. Salt Bae feeding his customers by hand might be bad enough, but apparently there are options out there that are worse — and @trevaynebxtch has recently gone viral for illustrating that point.

Posting a video that described his experience of Elcielo, a Colombian restaurant in Washington, D.C., he filmed himself eating a very unconventional course. The process involved a server pouring liquid chocolate all over his hands, then watching as he licked it off. Supposedly, the experience was meant to recreate how it felt to eat as a young child, but most people were far from convinced. Skeptical of the mess and worried about the standards of hygiene involved, it’s fair to say that the footage was not the best advertisement for the eatery. It sure would be nice to have enough money to consider something like this a good idea.


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