‘Hilariously fake eyelashes’: Single men reveal their biggest ‘icks’ when dating women

There’s a point in every failed relationship when something happens that gives someone the ‘ick’. Feeling an ick is that nose-scrunching feeling that takes over a woman’s face when she notices something about their partner that just doesn’t sit right, something that is a HUGE turn off. For example, dating a stage-3 clinger might give you the ick, or if you’re on a date with someone who doesn’t chew with their mouth closed… that’s definitely an ick. But what do single men think about when they’re dating women? Do women have the same kinds of icks as men or is there an entirely new set of rules to avoid breaking when you’re playing the game of love

Recently, single men of the Interwebs held a forum to discuss major women’s icks and the results are not what you’d think. Apparently a lot of the things we thought helped us snag a man, like being a long-haired, thick-lash baddie with attitude, are not as powerful of an aphrodisiac as we thought. Although, according to this debate, there’s a fine line between an ick and a blatant, glaring red flag. 

Scroll to glean men’s opinions of us gals (or to see which ick you’re probably guilty of in your own relationships).

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