Introvert Memes for Grateful Loners Who Repel Hoity-Toity Social Snobbery (September 9, 2023)

Come one, come all! Gather round to witness the most dramatic display of social awkwardness that you’ll ever see in the whole wide world! Ironically, this sort of summoning would gather every extrovert in sight, eager to see what all the hoopla is about– and thus, the divide between the introverts and extroverts was born. Interestingly enough, it’s us introverts that have somehow become the spectacle. Against our will, it’s US who are the weird ones in the group. 

Is it not weird that people like chit-chatting? Is it not odd that people would rather go to a party than chill at home with a movie? Is it not unsettling that introverts are considered the weirdos? As a bonafide weirdo myself, I stand by my fellow introverts (from an appropriately non-engaging distance), nodding wordlessly to all of those who refuse to talk my ear off in social situations. I silently salute all of those who repel the hoity-toity silliness of snobbery and buffoonery. For we introverts are the ones with a refined palette comfort and class. 

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