Man Lies About His Wife Being Infertile, Asks Internet for Judgement

Usually, when people anonymously tell stories of their lives on the Internet they tend to smudge the details to paint themselves in a better light. But not this man. When he told the internet he had been spreading rumors that his wife was unable to have children, he told the truth and nothing but the truth. it takes courage to portray yourself as such a sincerely bad person.

The story goes, this man and his wife had been trying for kids for a few years. Unfortunately, they weren’t having luck. They originally chalked it up to the wife contracting tuberculosis while volunteering, which can apparently affect fertility. But they decided to get tested. Turns out, the wife was fine. On the other hand, the husband had a significantly low sperm count. 

There’s nothing wrong with a low sperm count, but apparently, the man was so ashamed of himself that he’s been telling his friends and family that the couple’s inability to have a baby is solely because of his wife. Despite the man’s family now spreading rumors that a divorce will soon occur due to the wife’s «infertility,» the man refuses to come clean and only continues to reinforce it. 

So this guy goes ahead and asks the internet if he’s the one in the wrong here. Maybe hoping they would relieve any guilt he has about the whole thing. Of course, people did the opposite. Check out internet users who absolutely shred this loser. 

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