Men Ponder What Female Authors Can Get Wrong About Them

It’s a widely accepted fact these days that some male authors have no idea how to write realistic women. It’s led to plenty of books that are equal parts funny and frustrating, as well as a large amount of posts on the internet mocking the phenomenon. There’s no denying it, many men who write are not that good at getting into women’s heads, or they don’t really want to.

What we don’t take into consideration as often is whether this annoyance is a two way street. While it’s true that men get their pick of numerous complex, interesting, and well written characters in literature that share their gender, that doesn’t mean that they can’t sometimes fall into stereotypical traps. 

This is an issue that has been contemplated by a recent r/AskMen thread, with numerous suggestions on how women occasionally write men in misleading ways. There are a range of topics covered here, although none are more memorable than breasting boobily down the stairs.

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