Power-Tripping Boss Cuts Employees Hours Because He Bought a Motorcycle For Transportation

One of the worst things about working for an hourly wage is getting your hours cut. You can only make enough money to live if you’re scheduled enough, and it’s extremely easy for management to weaponize schedules for or against certain employees. I tend to see that the people who don’t want a million hours always get a million hours, and those who are begging for more hours never get them. It’s just one of those ways that managers like to keep people on their toes. 

If you get your hours cut to the point where you’re making barely anything per week, your boss is probably trying to tell you something. Usually, it’s that they want to let you go, but don’t want to go through the work of letting you go, so they’re torturing you until you quit. One dude found his hours getting cut at his fast food job for a totally absurd reason: his means of transporting to the job. 

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