Restaurant Worker Memes For Front and Back of House

I’ve met a lot of people in my life who have scoffed at restaurant workers and bartenders. «Get a real job,» they say, with contempt. The reality is, however, that restaurant and bartending work are often more stressful and physical than what any average desk jockey is up against during their nine-to-five gigs. Sure, in both cases, people can enjoy some free coffee and banter but the act of dealing with entitled customers, complicated orders, and an unorthodox work schedule are not for the faint of heart. 

Though the perils of working in a kitchen or serving customers are not the most pleasant, the experience does make for some serious bonding. Most of the time this bonding occurs after work, with a frosty pint or a stiff cocktail in hand. Another way that industry folks bond is with memes – memes that accurately portray the horrors and humor of the lifestyle. We can’t legally serve up the drinks, but we can serve up the memes. And we’ve got a whole bunch of ‘em right here for you. 

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