‘Something inside of me says you’re not supposed to know’: People confess the things they’re willfully ignorant about

As humans, our strongest asset is our brain—so we are constantly learning new things. It’s only natural that we are a curious kind and want to learn things when we are ignorant to it. But also as humans, we have freewill (allegedly, that’s an entirely other philosophical debate…), and this means if we don’t want to learn about something, we can choose not to. One person online pointed this out and said that his choice in naivety is with whatever «cold-pressed» is. He imagines it’s when someone squeezes juice out of fruit by using two fridges pressed together. That is obviously not what «cold-pressed» is, but he never wants to know the truth because he likes his truth. This triggered many others on the app to confess their own «willfully ignorant» thing. They are all pretty common things that everyone has come across, but they have just chosen to not do any research on the subject. Things like how a sewing machine works or what «free range» actually means. We’ve all seen it, but do we all know the facts behind them? We could easily look it up on the Internet, but why ruin the wonderment? 

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