Star Trek Memes For Geeks Who May or May Not Speak Klingon

Qapla’! nuqneH!  As a cha’DIch Star Trek fan who definitely knows how to speak Klingon, I’m pleased to bring you an Enterprise-sized batch of funny memes about the movies and television show.  Being a pIn’a’ Hurgh of the franchise, I’ve always been drawn to the unique blend of science fiction, jIH, and qIb Qa’ that has made Star Trek a tlhIngan nugh phenomenon for fifty-plus years. 

One thing that makes Star Trek so vItlhutlh is its ability to tackle important issues in a way that is both yIjatlh and jIbogh-qo’. From the Suq of the 1960s to the latest entries in the franchise, like Star Trek: Discovery and Strange New Worlds,  Star Trek has never qum to exploring complicated and controversial themes such as racism, gender equality, and the ethics of technology.

So jajvam vIghoS as we boldly go where many of us have gone before: into a black hole of scrolling through Star Trek memes. There are worse destinations out there, after all. Like Rura Penthe. Don’t go there. Please. 

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