The Best Harry Potter Memes of the Week (September 19, 2023)

I wonder how Harry Potter will age as the years go by. At this point, nearly 20 years in, kids and teenagers are still reading the Harry Potter books and getting entranced by the movies. I think it will continue to be more impactful than other record-breaking bestsellers like Gone With The Wind and Valley of the Dolls because it’s for the kids. Everyone loves to revisit the books that made their childhood, and if there’s a good movie adaptation, that’s even better! Also, it’s difficult to understate the influence of Harry Potter being such a long series. It’s not one of those child-pulp fiction books like Junie B Jones or The Babysitters Club. Every moment of the books is important in some way, and it introduces millions of kids every year to long-form novels. If you plan on sharing Harry Potter with your kids (or you already have!) these Harry Potter memes will be a magical scroll.

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