The Cringiest Parenting Posts of the Week (July 17, 2023)

«iPad Kids» are a hot-button issue in the world of parenting right now. Some parents think that anything they can do to calm their kids down is worth doing, even if it’s not a last resort. Other parents refuse to expose their kids to any technology until it’s absolutely necessary. I don’t really have a dog in this race, but I think it’s interesting that so many parents are disturbed by «iPad kids» yet refuse to acknowledge the iPad kid within. 

When was the last time you ate a meal alone without watching something on TV or on your phone to make the experience more entertaining? When was the last time you went out in public and didn’t use your phone unless it was entirely necessary? Have you spent a singular day this year where you never went on social media? We’re iPad adults raising iPad kids, and there’s no escaping. The only refuge is to laugh at the cringe iPad adults who are way worse than we are. 

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