The Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week (August 10, 2023)

It’s about to be that time of the year. That blessed time when kids go back to school and moms and dads everywhere can finally have a moment of peace. I’m not saying this to imply that all parents hate summer vacation and the time with their children that comes with it. However, by August, summer vacation can get a bit tedious for the parents and the kids. You’ve exhausted every fun summer activity idea that you foolishly thought would fill the time at the beginning of the summer. Your kids have watched every movie, played every game, and begged for every toy repeatedly, and by now, it’s getting a bit old. Kids crave structure, and going back to school is bound to give them more structure than you, as a singular parent, could ever give them. If you can’t wait for that first Tuesday after Labor Day (or the last week in August, depending on where you’re from), these parenting tweets are likely to resound. 

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