‘These buddy cop movies just keep getting weirder’: Twitter Reacts to Diver and His Nosy Fish Friend

It’s always refreshing when something good goes viral for once. Over the weekend, this happened to be an amusing video that summarized the long-lasting friendship between an Asian sheepshead wrasse and an elderly deep sea diver. Reportedly, the fish is named Yoriko and has nurtured a friendship with 79-year-old Hiroyuki Arakawa for more than a quarter of a century. 

However, many Twitter users were less concerned with the backstory, and more interested in how it couldn’t leave the diver and his hammer alone. It’s not every day you see a sea creature that appeared so unbothered by the company of humans, let alone one that is trying to push its way into our activities. It’s fair to say that the approach of the fish split opinion, and prompted some amusing reactions. Wholesome content of this caliber does not happen so frequently, so it makes sense that is has attracted so much attention. 

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