Top 15 Cutest Animals Of The Week To Start The Day With An ‘Aww’ (June 25, 2023)

Happy Sunday, friends, and welcome back to the cutest animal segment on the interwebs! We hope that you are having a fabulous weekend and that you are ready to have your Funday start in the most pawfect way – with positivity, good vibes, and a whole lot of cuteness. Because if there is one thing that can turn any animal person’s frown upside down, it’s a brand new collection of awwdorable animal pictures

Every single week, to make sure that you start your Sunday on the right paw, we put together a collection of the cutest animals on the internet for you guys. We cannot think of a better, more pawsitive way to start a morning than with that. We hope you enjoy it, and we wish you all a lovely rest of the weekend and an even better week ahead! 

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