Wedding Dress Designer Makes Bride Hideous Dress Out of Hot Glue and Fake Flowers

According to the hit TLC program Say Yes To The Dress, if the wedding dress isn’t right, you might as well not get married at all. Wedding dresses are the most expensive and high-stakes pieces of clothing many women will ever buy, and being so, they have to be just right. That’s why some women order custom dresses when the options off the rack don’t do the trick.

Unfortunately for one woman, her custom dress did not turn out like her reference photo. The designer recorded a TikTok documenting the mod podge way she threw the dress together, using cheap rhinestones, flowers that look straight off the Hobby Lobby shelves, and literal hot glue. Once she put on the final dress, the bride looked upset to say the least. I can only describe this monster of a dress so much, but once you see it, you’ll understand the lengths of the crimes that were committed. 

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