15 Cinco de Mayo Memes for Party People Prepared to Drink a Metric Ton of Margaritas

¿Estás listo para la fiesta este fin de semana? If you have no idea what that says, then the answer is most certainly, ‘YES’. For those of us Americanos who don’t speak a lick of spanish and think that Taco Bell is certifiable Mexican food, one of the holiest of holidays is finally upon us again: Cinco de Mayo. The fabled independence day of Mexico means literally nothing to the latinos and has become more like a beacon of summer-hood to every suburban nuclear family who, every year, desperately purchases mild Pace salsa, Jose Cuervo, Tostidos, and Mexican 3-cheese blend bags from Costco. Nothing will prepare you for the heartburn and the hangover coming after Cinco de Mayo, but Lord knows that you’ll do everything in your power to resist putting on a sombrero and shaking your maracas at the cantina this weekend. So get out there, grab a cerveza, and enjoy the celebracion! Dalé! 

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