17 7-Eleven Memes for Convenience Store Customers and Slurpee Lovers on 7/11

Convenience stores are the platonic capitalist ideal of a place of worship. They are home to some of the most wondrously processed food and drink on this earth, lit by the heavenly glow of strip lighting (or the heaters on the hotdog stand). They attract the needy, and one of the most famous chains even has an entire day that is dedicated to honoring it. 

7-Eleven is almost up there at McDonald’s level when it comes to the iconic nature of the brand, and it’s just as unglamorous an experience. It’s all a vital part of the pilgrimage to acquire the gloriousness of a Slurpee. In this age of wanting it all and wanting it now, 7-Eleven is here to cater to every single greedy impulse around the clock. No wonder there are so many memes out there that want to celebrate it. Long live 7/11 day, as well as the reason that we observe it.

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