17 Teeny Weeny Pawdorable Creatures From The Animal Kingdom That Can Fit In Our Palms For A Tuesday Pick Me Up

Happy Tuesday, animal lovers! Usually, the tiniest animals, the bugs, the reptiles, and toad-ally frog-tastic amphibians, aren’t people’s favorite creatures in the animal kingdom. And we get it, they’re slimy and funky looking, and if they start crawling on us during those hot summer nights we get the shivers. But we have to admit, online where they are far away from us those smaller-than-a-finger critters in the hands of others, not all spider-bros are scary and actually look pretty darn cute! 

They look like the little side-kick companions in kids’ movies or they are just trying to hitch a ride on our shoulder before their next adventure in a little secret fairy world. Imagine being the chosen hand they hopped (or slithered) onto! And for more, check out some awesome animal images from every corner of the animal kingdom.

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