20+ History Memes Packed With Educational Humor

As an aging and crotchety millennial, it’s easy to feel a little resentful about all the technological advancements we were unable to enjoy while in school. While we didn’t have to walk for miles (through snow and sleet, of course) to get to school, things do seem to have been a little easier for Zoomers and ::checks notes:: Generation Alpha. For one, there are far more ways to get the answers to difficult homework questions. Everyone who is currently struggling through remote learning can pretty easily cheat on an exam. While we definitely had a leg up on Gen X, our internet provided less easy information than it does now. Apparently these days you can find entire exams online. Must be nice. 

What stings more than general accessibility is the fact that education seems a lot more fun in recent years than it used to be. In literature classes, teachers are assigning works that better reflect the ills of society. You know, instead of forcing the youth to read Catcher In The Rye every year. And while many history courses still gloss over a lot of the more heinous historical events and periods, curriculums are getting decidedly more woke. What we envy the most, however, is the way memes are now used to convey educational and scholarly subjects. You want math memes? They exist. Philosophical and scientific memes? You guessed it, they are all over Reddit. If you’re studying history and are tired of flash cards? There are literally thousands of history memes to help you cram and laugh while you do it. They definitely beat copying the same facts over and over until they’re ingrained in your memory. 

While we can’t turn back time and start school over again, we can still indulge in delightfully dank and educational memes about the past. And so can you. If we’re being honest, reading about history is a lot more fun when you’re doing it for pleasure.

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