20+ Memes for Yawning Souls Who Are Zonked

The struggle is real, as the saying goes. Navigating life comes with a hefty price, and it is called being ‘tired’. Whether you’re dealing with work, school, or just the daily grind, being exhausted can make everything so much harder. The obvious symptom of being tired: yawning. It’s a battle to stay awake, and your boss probably thinks you’re bored out of your mind. To be fair, they are probably right, but the struggle doesn’t end there. Being tired can make even the simplest of tasks feel like Herculean feats… for example, how hard could it possibly be to make a cup of coffee in the morning?

But when you’re dragging yourself out of bed, shuffling your feet to the kitchen counter, and trying to remember how to operate the coffee machine (press the ‘on’ button, by the way) it feels like a whole ordeal, one you don’t like very much. If you could, you would stay in bed all day long. Or at the very least, not see people. Because people are the worst.

Anyhow, this is life y’all, and we just gotta soldier on and smell the roses when the opportunity arrives. In the meantime, check out these hilarious memes below that are all too relatable for us tired folk. Plus, here is a great batch of classical art memes to bring out the dark humor in ya.

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