22 Memes For Fans of ‘The Office’ Who Miss Seeing Pam and Jim Together

Fans of The Office can all agree that Jim and Pam were always end game – from the start. They spent the first couple of seasons playing rounds of «Will They Won’t They» while she wasted time in the wrong relationship with Roy Anderson. Eventually, she realized Roy wasn’t actually the person she was supposed to end up with. She called off their wedding and started seeking out a romantic relationship with Jim!

Things weren’t always rainbows and butterflies for Pam and Jim throughout the course of their relationship, though. In fact, during the later seasons of the show, they had a serious disagreement that left Pam crying in the office! Ultimately, Pam and Jim were always meant to end up together and were written to work out in the end. If you miss seeing Pam and Jim on the screen together as the best TV couple in history, you will certainly love checking out these lovey-dovey memes.

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