25+ Gym Memes For Swole Gym Rats

Lifting isn’t a phase; it’s a lifestyle. I have a pet theory that there are two groups of gym users: the cardio divas and the lifting bros. Of course, these groups have some overlap. Very few people who attend the gym regularly only do cardio or weights. However, I feel like the weight lifters make going to the gym way more of their personality than the cardio girlies do. No judgment because I totally get why! Gaining takes a lot of upkeep that can kind of take over your life. You have to buy various powders and be in the gym nearly every day to make progress. The cardio girlies (myself included) show up, do a little run, sweat, and leave. 

Whether you’re gaining or losing, there are some funny cultural things about the gym that non-gym rats just don’t understand: the camaraderie, the sweaty equipment, the crazy January season. If you love going to the gym, these gym rat memes might make you smile. 

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