25 Programming Memes for Computer Code Obsessives

Happy Sunday, computer wizzes and Java aficionados! We’re back this weekend to give you another helping of painfully relatable programming memes. Celebrate your Sunday with some tech industry funnies!

Maybe you practiced programming a little bit throughout high school. Basic scripts, pursuing knowledge in a variety of code languages, the whole thing. Maybe, in retrospect, you weren’t incredible at it, but you were very much interested in the field. Your friends and family support your passion. You decide to pursue computer science in college. Seems like a great decision, right? You get into your first programming class and immediately realize you’re out of your depth. You have two choices: give up or put in the arduous work necessary to succeed in the field. I did the former. I just didn’t have the chops to do it professionally. 

For the people that put in the work and any interested individuals, these memes are for you. We’ve collected the funniest, most relatable programming memes on the face of the earth and the entirety of the web. Stop typing, start scrolling, and check out these incredible code-based memes below!


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