25 Relatable Memes for People Living Through an Excessive Heat Warning

For all of your friends who live in Northern regions summer is coming to a bittersweet end with temperatures cooling, pumpkin spice lattes returning to the menu, and fall leaves threatening to tumble any second. 


But if you live anywhere in the Southwest or Southeast, it’s clear that everybody is getting ahead of themselves with ‘autumn-vibes’, whilst the rest of the country is literally on fire and drenched in sweat. Excessive heat warnings are still dominating the headlines and AC units everywhere are being run into the ground. 


You may even finally consider shaving your head like Brittany in 2007 to avoid another day of sweaty roots and a newfound hatred for those bangs you thought might be cute in the springtime. So if you’re sitting at home in front of an electrical fan that’s been running on high for the last few months, these memes will bring solace, respite, and comfort that you are not alone. 

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