40+ Memes on the Weirder Side of the Spectrum

Anyone who is enthusiastic about memes is familiar with their versatility. It seems like there’s a meme for every kind of person from every walk of life. Cringey minion memes make Facebook moms go wild. Basic fall-loving white girls go wild for a meme about wine or the crinkle of autumn leaves under their drooping Ugg boots. Angry young men liken themselves to incel-esque Wojak comics. There really is something for everyone. But then there are the memes that don’t really feel like they belong to anyone. Surreal memes often make very little sense, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly who they are for. But that’s the beauty of the internet – it’s possible to enjoy something’s weirdness and humor even if you don’t completely understand its point. These memes definitely fall into that category, and while they may make you scratch your head a little, they’re definitely not boring. 

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