A Bunch of Backstabbing ‘Succession’ Memes That May or May Not Tell You to F*** Off

The 1% have always been a fascinating bunch for the little people like us. For those of us who don’t aspire to a stupid amount of wealth, it’s wild to imagine what it does to someone’s mind to have all the money and power in the world at their disposal. 

While in real life we may still be kept in the dark when it comes to the inner workings of many billionaires, the past few years have allowed a fictional peek into their nefarious universe with the runaway popularity of HBO’s Succession. The Roy family seem to do nothing but manipulate, backstab, and be extremely unhappy, and the show’s fanbase can’t get enough of it. 

With the series likely to return for its fourth season in 2023, now is the perfect time to brush up on its high-powered world with a helping of Succession-centric memes. The boardroom was never so riveting. 

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