A Cursed Collection Of Animals Going Full Goblin Mode

The animal kingdom is full of little freaks. Watch the Discovery Channel for all of five minutes, and you’re finding out a whole host of bizarre things creatures do out in the wild which rival even our most shameful home alone behaviors. What with the thousands of years of inbreeding and (semi-successful) domesticating into faithful servants, pets are even worse for acting out in ways both amusing and scary. Many of us tend to think of Goblin Mode as a solely human phenomenon, one in which we let loose all our inhibitions and succumb to our most enjoyable base instincts, whatever others might think about them. While most other animals do this all the time anyway, it is possible for them to take things even further, engaging in their own disturbing versions of the beloved phenomenon. Nobody knows this better than Animals Going Goblin Mode, an account which documents a plethora of cursed examples across different species. There’s got to be a reason behind there being so many cats here. 

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