A Herd of Wildlife Memes for Nature Fiends

«Nature is so cool and amazing» I say to myself as I sip my cold brew coffee and shut my laptop just as David Attenborough is beginning to explain how rapid industrialization led by the human species has done irreparable damage to the Amazon rainforest. I have a bad habit of turning Attenborough off when it starts to get depressing. I’m not proud of it, but what else am I supposed to do? I live in a city where watching two rats and a pigeon fight over a slice of pizza on a rare patch of grass is my idea of being close to wildlife. People have become so mentally removed from the ecological processes that nourish us and provide oxygen necessary for the survival of every animal on earth, of course we all feel helpless when the problems we’ve created for ourselves over a millennia feel just as removed from our daily lives. 

Anyway, I really didn’t mean to go into doomer mode. The real point is that I’ve got a bunch of dank ecological memes for all the people out there who love both wildlife and shitposts. Forget everything I said and enjoy the funny memes.

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