A Thriving Crop of Plant Memes For Green Thumbs

Growing up in Brooklyn we did a lot of walking. That walking happened on tree-lined streets and along garden-filled blocks. Some homes just had planters of petunias and left it at that. Others manicured their tiny lawns, adding tiny Japanese maples within their gates, and prickling rose bushes that (if we were lucky) would bloom twice or even thrice a year. My mom would quiz us on plant names, and if we were lucky, we’d catch glimpses of exotic plants inside peoples solariums, or make a stop at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to admire its many rooted treasures. We were raised to appreciate plants, and have continued to do so. While I lack the green thumb of my mother and siblings, I did inherit a massive amount of appreciation for all things «green.» And that includes memes about our plant friends and the obsessions they are likely to come with. Memes like these.

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