All The Catty Memes That Cannibalized The Windows 11 Launch

Jarring left orientation, begone. Despite being billed as the final version of the Microsoft operating system, Windows 10 is officially being relegated to the scrapheap in favor of bigger, better and shinier. Although it was already leaked earlier this month, the unveiling of Windows 11 went full steam ahead yesterday. The new software seems to mostly promise cosmetic improvements, with a couple of functional tweaks thrown in. Oh, and there’s a very, very big focus on gaming

Naturally, such (not so) seismic changes have been followed by a healthy sprinkling of memes, because there’s no better way to ridicule unnecessary change than with a bunch of unnecessary punchlines. While there are other operating systems out there, Windows still dominates in schools, workplaces and many homes, too. So no matter what your preference, buckle up, and get ready to grit your teeth through another round of bug fixes.

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