‘Am I the Drama?’ Inspiring Therapy Memes of the Week for the Tired Crowd

Everyone has baggage these days, it’s a given. But in these modern times, much thanks to technology, there is a lot of awareness regarding mental health. If you go on a date and someone tells you that they’re actively doing therapy… we don’t know about you but to us, that is a huge green flag. Nothing better than someone who is aware of their issues PLUS working on them. You can basically breathe a sigh of relief that there is SOMEONE in their life who is a voice of reason. 


Therapy isn’t exactly accessible to everyone because it’s pretty bloody expensive, but still. There are options, at least. There is hope for the next generation. Just when you think you have it all figured out, life throws you more lemons. You just gotta learn to make lemonade with ‘em. Still, we like a good shortcut to some serotonin now and again. If you are in need of said shortcut, scroll down and check out these awesome memes. 


P.S : Feel free to click here and check out last week’s memes as well!

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