Amusing Thread Tells Tale Of Persnickety Airbnb Owner Through Signs He Leaves At His Property

It takes all types of people to make up this world. Tall or short, nice or rude, people who can flow freely down the stream of life, and people who are uptight control freaks. 

This latter category is a pretty important one. We’ve even come up with a letter-based personality hypothesis to define which category individuals fit into. Whichever one we find ourselves in, it defines the way in which we do almost everything.

It can become especially apparent when we invite over guests. Being able to adapt to the quirks and mishaps that different people are going to bring into your space is an essential part of the experience, which not everyone can deal with well. 

For example, I am completely hopeless at being a gracious hostess with the mostess. I love my friends, and I want them to feel at home in my home. However, do I have a tiny internal meltdown every time they completely mess up the throw that has been carefully arranged to hide my grimy rental couch? Yes. Yes I do.

You would think that people who are like me or worse might shy away from certain alternative income streams, like renting out their property as a holiday home. According to a thread started by @rosejohnno, you’d think wrong. 

Currently staying in an Airbnb, she has come to find that even though its owner may not be there in person, he is very much there in spirit — and he has a hell of a lot to say. If the signs that Rose has been taking photos of are anything to go by, her host Jonathan has an incredibly particular personality. 

Setting out an endless book of rules one print out at a time, Jonathan is full of horror stories about wayward guests that he is keen not to repeat (God forbid you were the person who put the white crockery in the kitchen cupboard). It’s not all doom and gloom, though. He also tells a tale of celebrities that he rubbed shoulders with in college.

Twitter users took no end of amusement from these solemn warnings, and some even had a few of their own interesting examples to add to the mix. Why people like this choose to share their homes with others is nothing short of a mystery. That said, so long as you don’t wreck the place, it can be an extremely amusing one.


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